Project Plan, Aims and Use Case for Bebop

The Project Plan for Bebop can be found in our original proposal. It includes:

  1. A section on the anticipated benefits and impact (“aims”) of the project
  2. An outline of the work schedule and approach
  3. A list of deliverables for the project
  4. A risk assessment and
  5. A dissemination plan.

Our primary Use Case for the project has also been published and we will add to this as we engage with users.

Currently, Dale McKeown and Dave Whitehead, who are both Developers on the project, are finishing up their exams and spending a few hours each week learning BuddyPress and WordPress development. From the end of May, both will be working primarily on Bebop until the end of the project. A user group meeting is also being planned for early June with the School of Art, Architecture and Design.

With final year exams out of the way, Dale will be attending Dev8eD along with Alex Bilbie (Linkey project) and Jamie Mahoney (ON Course project), where each of them will be talking about their work and using the time to learn from others, too.

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