Bebop progress log – 09/07/2012 & 16/07/2012

Weeks: 09/07/2012 & 16/07/2012

Throughout the two weeks I have been developing a filter system to allow specific OER’s to be added to the activity stream filters. This involved looking into the BuddyPress files to find out what hooks there are and what can be added. Once the new filters were in place in the main activity streams, we decided that putting the activity stream for the OER’s of a specific user into a member’s OER page would a good idea.

I have then worked on this for the weeks trying to get only that specific members OER’s from the activity stream feed with the correct filter options. This has proven to be difficult due to the lack of hooks and filters within BP for creating your own activity filter query “all OERs”. The end result was to override the function which is creating the cookies for the activity stream on start of entering the OER page in order to allow the multiple page views to work correctly with the “LL OERs” . An extra addition was also added so that if the user leaves the OER profile page it resets their activity stream to default “everything” rather than being on the same as their OER profile. See the images attached below further information.

Throughout the two weeks, Dale has been focussing on providing user functionality to manage OER content within the plugin. This means that users will be able to hand pick the resources pulled in through our extension methods, an either verify or delete them as necessary. This also means no data will be accidentally displayed if the user does not want it sharing in their activity stream. Essentially, data is pulled in using the WordPress cron routine, and added to our our manager table. Each OER has it’s own identification number and status, which determine its usage.


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