Bebop v1.1 is now available.

Today, a new version of Bebop has been released, and I wanted to write a short blog post to explain a couple of things that have changed, and why.

After feedback from several users in the WordPress/Github community who have been using v1.0 and v1.0.1, Bebop version 1.1 is here. This version improves functionality and performance, as well as providing some bug fixes.

Comments from feedback suggested that users might want to import content directly to the activity stream. So we built an option into Bebop which allows the OER verification process to change from user authentication to no authentication at the push of a button. This means the admin can decide whether content needs to be verified by users before it appears in the activity stream. If the admin does not want content to be verified, it is added to the activity stream as soon as it is imported into Bebop.

Other feedback highlighted some small bugs which have been fixed. As a result Bebop is now much more reliable, and people are starting to use and trust the plugin. Incredibly, Bebop has been downloaded almost 100 times.

For a full list of changes, please see the Changelog on

As hinted to above, user input, evaluation and reviews have had quite an impact on Bebop. Hopefully people will continue to make valuable contributions, and hopefully I will be able to comply!

There is still some work to do on Bebop. We are yet to import content from Bebop into our Staff Directory, but this will be coming soon, at least as a proof of concept. It requires some changes to how our staff directory works, and is also reliant on a BuddyPress ‘profile editor’, which we need to finish implementing.

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  1. HI Rolando, the developer of the plugin is on vacation at the moment. I’m adding your comment to our issue tracker and we’ll get back to you next week. Thanks for getting in touch.

    • Hi Joss, thanks for the reply. I mis-spoke, the issue was with another plugin, not yours. Sorry for the mistaken identity.


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