The benefits of code review

Our partner on the Bebop project was Boone Gorges, lead developer on the CUNY Academic Commons project and committing BuddyPress developer. We were keen to involve the Academic Commons project in Bebop due to their in-depth knowledge of BuddyPress and great success in using it within a university. Boone offered extrememely valuable review and guidance to Dale McKeown, the main developer working on Bebop. Prior to Bebop, Dale had not developed for either WordPress or BuddyPress, and Boone’s feedback on his work proved very helpful. With permission, we’re publishing the raw email exchanges between Dale and Boone to demonstrate the value that an experienced developer of a particular technology can bring to a project. Although we’ve been using WordPress at Lincoln since 2008, we have done relatively little bespoke development for our platform and the addition of Boone to the Bebop team resulted in a better quality plugin being released to the public and, just as importantly, helped improve Dale’s skills, too.

You can download the email exchange as a txt file here.

It should be of interest to developers working with WordPress/BuddyPress, but also to developers in general, who are in the positions of either mentoring or being mentored themselves. The benefits of pair-programming and code review are well known and we hope this exchange provides further evidence of why technical projects benefit from this type of external review.

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