What benefits and impact has/will Bebop have?

  • Bebop is having institution-wide impact due to the work we have contributed to the development of our Staff Directory. We have documented this in more detail in a separate blog post and also published the code for our custom BuddyPress profile editor.
  • The Bebop plugin has been publicly released on wordpress.org and has so far been downloaded around 450 times. Furthermore, we are waiting for confirmation that the Bebop plugin will be recommended by the CUNY Commons In A Box project. The plugin is also being used by a new Swiss OER portal, where Dale, the Developer of the Bebop plugin has written a blog post discussing the Bebop project.
  • Bebop provided an opportunity for staff development, providing a focused project through which new staff could learn WordPress development and other associated skills. This is been discussed in a separate blog post. The mentoring opportunity afforded by the project has been especially valuable. Now at the end of the Bebop project, these staff have been seconded to work on our HEA-funded project to embed the practice of Open Education across the university. They will be developing a showcase and portal for OER at Lincoln, as well as implementing a dedicated ePrints OER repository for Lincoln.
  • By mandating the use of BuddyPress for updating and maintaining staff profiles at the University of Lincoln, we expect more staff to become aware of the WordPress platform in general and adopt it for a variety of web publishing requirements. Over 400 staff have already used BuddyPress to update their professional profile and we will be supporting this initiative through the provision of staff workshops starting in November. In effect, we expect Bebop to contribute towards promoting and supporting the digital literacy of our staff.



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