The Bebop plugin and documentation

The main public outcome of the Bebop project is the BuddyPress plugin, which allows a BuddyPress user to import resources (slides, images, video, etc.) hosted on third-party websites (Slideshare, Flickr, YouTube, etc.). The plugin has two homes:

If you run a WordPress/BuddyPress site, you can install Bebop from the Plugins panel in your site Administration area. Bebop works on both standalone and network/multisite installs of WordPress. Of course, you must have BuddyPress installed on the site, too.

A screenshot from the Bebop documentation
A screenshot from the Bebop documentation

Documentation on how to use Bebop is provided on our Github site, alongside the code. Documentation is provided for the following people:

General users

Site Administrators


Developers may be interested in extending Bebop as a flexible, general purpose social media aggregator. Documentation is provided on how to create new Bebop extensions for additional resource providers.

If you find a problem with the Bebop plugin and documentation, please tell us via the Github issue tracker. If you wish to discuss Bebop more generally, please use the WordPress support forum for the plugin.

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